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In May 1985, Mr. Wolf graduated with high distinction from the University of Arizona, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. In August of 1988, he received his juris doctorate, with honors, from the University of Arizona, College of Law. Mr. Wolf served as a Deputy Maricopa County Attorney until entering private practice in the latter part of 1992. While employed at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Mr. Wolf gained invaluable trial experience.

Upon entering private practice, Mr. Wolf founded Hirsch & Wolf, P.C., which is now known as Wolf and Associates, P.C. Trial experience enabled the firm to establish a contractual relationship with a large personal injury law firm in need of litigators. Thereafter, the firm litigated virtually hundreds of accident/injury cases. As a result, Mr. Wolf gained extensive civil trial experience, while at the same time, earning credibility with insurance adjusters. Recently, Mr. Wolf has had the opportunity to handle large complex asset forfeiture matters. Many of his appellate briefs in this area have been selected for publication in Westlaw.

Mr. Wolf regularly conducts hours of legal research. Research is a vital component of suppression motions which are critical to achieving the desired outcome – the outright dismissal of all charges. Meritorious suppression motions are also useful in providing negotiating leverage in order to obtain the best plea offer possible. A significant amount of time and skill, acquired through years of practice, translates into persuasive legal memoranda tailored specifically to the unique facts presented.

Mr. Wolf is dedicated and willing to pursue every possible defense for each case. It is for this reason that Mr. Wolf limits the number of cases he will accept at any given time. Mr. Wolf believes that each client should be treated as though they are a family member.



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