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Phoenix attorney David J. Wolf understands that death is difficult for everyone touched by the life that is lost. When that death was the result of a third party’s wrongful conduct, the loss can be even more devastating. Mr. Wolf will fight to recover the compensation deserved by each member of the family that has been wrongfully denied a cherished member.

Wrongful DeathA Wrongful death claim occurs when a person’s death is caused by an illegal, negligent or faulty act of an individual, company or entity. The death could be caused by actions taken or by failure to act. A wrongful death lawsuit is brought by the decedent’s family members, dependents, and the estate against the individual, company or entity that caused the death.


Various factors are considered in determining the amount of damages awarded such as loss of financial support, medical expenses, funeral costs, age of victim, age of dependants/family members, emotional anguish based upon nature of the relationship.

A wrongful death lawsuit may result from circumstances such as:

Wrongful Death Case 1Medical malpractice including incidents related to medications
Wrongful Death Case 2Abuse or neglect in a care center or nursing home
Wrongful Death Case 3Vehicle accident or collision such as auto, boat, motorcycle, ATV
Work related accidents such as construction
Wrongful Death Case 5Exposure to dangerous conditions or substances
Wrongful Death Case 6Defective products or product use liability
Wrongful Death Case 7Ineffective supervision during an organized activity
Wrongful Death Case 8Ineffective supervision of a known suicide risk while in custody or care
Wrongful Death Case 9Inappropriate restraint while in the custody of peace officers or caregivers


Arizona law allows for special considerations and punitive damages when cruelty was a factor in the wrongful death. An experienced wrongful death attorney in Phoenix can evaluate your case for merit and for special circumstances.


How do I know if a wrongful death case exists?
An experienced wrongful death attorney can review the circumstances of your case and advise you whether to seek compensation for wrongful death. The initial case evaluation is free of charge and can quickly help you determine if further action is wise.

Who is liable for wrongful death?
The circumstances in each case will vary, and there may be one or many individuals or entities that contributed to the wrongful death.  An attorney experienced in wrongful death cases can review the circumstances with you to determine the liable parties.

How long do I have to file a wrongful death lawsuit?
There is a statute of limitations of two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Regardless of the statute, it is wise to contact an attorney experienced in wrongful death as quickly as possible after the death occurred.


Collect all documents related to the death and keep them in a safe, private location.

These documents may include such items as:
Wrongful Death Document 1Purchase receipts for a product
Wrongful Death Document 2Operating instructions for equipment
Wrongful Death Document 3Invitations or advertisements for an event
Wrongful Death Document 4Medical records and hospital admittance forms

Bring all collected documents with you to the initial meeting with the attorney.


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