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Slip and fall accidents can be caused by a temporary condition, such as a spill or a crumpled mat, or by dangerous condition such as an uneven sidewalk or neglected repairs. In either event, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

It is also important to document the condition as quickly as possible, and to obtain the contact information of witnesses to the injury. Often, conditions that caused the accident are quickly cleared or repaired before an investigation can be completed.

Slip and Fall Accident

Other premises liability cases may result if the condition of the property was allowed to become unsafe, was not properly secured, contained toxic substances, had an inadequately secured pool, or contained a fire hazard. These unsafe conditions may result in any number of injuries including rape, animal bites, other serious injuries or even death.


If you were lawfully present on a property and were injured, the property owner or occupier has the
responsibility to use a reasonable standard of judgment to provide a safe and secure condition.


If you or someone you know has suffered a slip and fall injury, it is important to take these steps RIGHT AWAY:
  1. Seek immediate medical attention.
  2. Report the accident to the police if needed.
  3. Contact our law firm for experienced representation and guidance on how to proceed.
  4. Take photos of your injuries and any damaged property and develop the photos immediately to ensure that they accurately represent the injury or damage.
  5. Collect any physical evidence such as clothing you were wearing or broken items. Keep receipts for items purchased.
  6. Continue with all follow up medical treatments on schedule as advised by a doctor.
  7. Obtain a doctor’s note for all time off of work.
  8. Do not speak to anyone about the accident.
  9. Do not give a written or recorded statement to an insurance representative either in person or over the phone.
  10. Make notes for yourself and your attorney.
Be sure to include:
Bulleted ListYour impressions of what happened in as much detail as possible.
Bulleted ListThe date, time, and weather conditions at the time of injury.
Bulleted ListNames and contact information for other people involved or who were witnesses.
Bulleted ListNotes about the condition of other people involved (seemed rushed, intoxicated, sleepy, etc.)
Bulleted ListNotes about what you heard others say about the injury.
Bulleted ListTake photos of the places or items involved in the injury, especially if a dangerous condition caused the injury.
Bulleted ListAdd to these notes as needed when new details are recalled.
Bulleted ListKeep daily notes of physical pain and discomfort as well as emotions you experience. Include changes to your normal well-spacerspacerbeing, such as sleep patterns, eating habits, or inability to function as you could before the injury.


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